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Olmo Cuarón dreams in becoming a great soccer player

The people who live their lives around soccer in Costa Rica are familiarized with the name: Olmo Cuarón

This 20-year-old young man has been profiled as a potential soccer star in this Latin American country.

When he is in his element; that is, in the soccer field, he is unstoppable. Olmo Cuarón plays with his heart and soul every match.

He is a very dedicated soccer player, enthusiastic and a perfectionist, and these characteristics have allowed him to stand out and be the best he can be every day.

Great soccer passion

Since he was very young, Olmo Cuarón heard the calling to play soccer. He felt a great fascination when he played with the ball and was excited to tears when he saw soccer on television.

Therefore, it is not exaggerated to say that Olmo Cuarón was born to become a renowned soccer player in Costa Rica.

Without a doubt, he carries soccer in his veins and will not rest until his biggest dream becomes true: playing in the professional league and be recognized internationally.

For now, Olmo Cuarón is working hard to make a name for himself in the Costa Rica soccer team, and the truth is that his performance is extraordinary.

Soccer is his life

Olmo Cuarón is determined to triumph in the world of soccer. This is his greatest motivation in life.

This is why he has not stopped perfecting his game techniques, as well as improving his physical condition.

Olmo Cuarón’s daily routine is increasingly intense and strict (almost military). He wakes up early, he showers and is ready to start the day in the soccer field.

He also spends long hours at the gym since he needs to take the utmost care of his physical health. Olmo Cuarón wants to become his best self so that nothing stands in the way of his soccer dream.

Ultimately, Olmo Cuarón will continue to give the best of himself in the Costa Rica soccer fields because that is what he feels most enthusiastic about in life.


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